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DermLite DL5

DermLite DL5

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The DermLite DL5 dermatoscope is suitable for medical reflected-light microscopy in medical practices, clinics and beauty salons.

With the world's first variable polarization system in a hybrid dermatoscope, the DermLite® DL5 opens up a whole new dimension in hand dermatoscopy. Not only can you switch between polarized and non-polarized mode, you can now visualize extremely superficial structures under parallel polarization and scroll through the entire polarization range with the amazing rotary and push knob to explore the visual depths of a lesion.
You'll find that nothing boosts your superpowers in dermoscopy quite like DL5.

performance characteristics

  • ø32mm lens design with excellent near and far performance
  • True 10x magnification - also resolves finer structures.
  • Switch between (cross) polarized and non-polarized lighting in DermLite quality
  • Visually dissect skin layers by scrolling through the entire polarization range, from deep penetrating cross polarization to extremely superficial parallel polarization
  • 365 nm UV illumination
  • PigmentBoost® for visualization of pigmented lesions
  • ultra-bright flashlight LED to illuminate skin surfaces or body cavities from afar
  • removable, autoclavable contact plate with 10mm reticle and IceCap® compatibility
  • Charge on the included desktop charging station or via USB-C
  • three levels of brightness in all modes
  • four-level battery indicator
  • Connection to smartphones via the supplied MCC adapter


DL5 includes:

  • Handheld dermatoscope with 10x magnification, variable polarization, dermoscopic white and UV light, LED flashlight
  • Desktop charging station with IceCap memory and second USB output
  • 2m USB to USB-C cable
  • magnetically attached eyepiece
  • magnetically attached stainless steel ruler
  • Leather belt bag
  • Plastic belt holster
  • Universal smartphone connector MCC
  • IceCap® 5 pcs. sample stock
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

Size & Weight: 182*58*36mm 285g

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