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Adapter for iPad

Adapter for iPad

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It is easy to magnetically attach any DermLite DL1, DL2, DL200, DL3, DL3N, DL4, DL4W or Foto X dermatoscope to any smartphone or iPad.
For the iPads 3, 4, 5, 6, Air 2, Air 3, Pro 9.7 and Pro 10.5, we offer "connection kits" that are specific to your device. They all have a built-in magnet system that is compatible with your DermLite dermatoscope. These connection kits replace a protective cover for the iPad.

For ultimate compatibility, use our new one MagnetiConnect® Kitthat works on virtually any smartphone or tablet. Simply stick a ring on the smartphone, or on your own case (if it is not too soft). A simple magnetic adapter then connects the DermLite dermatoscope to your smartphone.

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