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DermLite DL200 HR

DermLite DL200 HR

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The DermLite DL200 HR dermatoscope is suitable for medical incident light microscopy in medical practices, clinics and cosmetic studios. The DermLite DL200 HR only works with polarized light. If you want to take advantage of polarized and non-polarized light, you should get the model DermLite DL200 Hybrid use.

Performance characteristics

  • High quality lens system with a diameter of 25 mm
  • Polarized LED lighting
  • 10x magnification with a 10 mm scale in the optics
  • Suppression of surface reflections through polarization technology
  • Extendable front panel enables contact dermatoscopy with and without immersion liquid
  • Possible use of the disposable caps IceCap® for hygienic contact dermatoscopy on the skin
  • "DermLite Connection System" for a magnetic and fixed connection of smartphones or cameras
  • One-hand operation for on / off switching
  • Integrated lithium-ion battery with 4-stage charge level indicator
  • Attractive and ergonomic housing made of aluminum
  • Including silicone protective cover, carrying strap, USB charging cable and 5 samples of IceCap®

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