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DermLite handyscope®

DermLite handyscope®

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Digital video dermatoscopy with the handyscope®

The DermLite® handyscope® is the ultimate video dermatoscope. It is compatible with almost any Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. This innovative device enables polarized and non-polarized video dermoscopy in DermLite quality. The clinical images are illuminated by ultra-bright LEDs.

The connection of the handyscope® with a smartphone or tablet is very easy with the supplied MagnetiConnect®-Kit universal adapter. And of course it is handyscope® also compatible with all existing DermLite Connection Kits and the DermLite Universal Smartphone Adapter.

If you have the free handyscope® You can download the app for iOS or Android operating systems handyscope® can also be controlled directly with this app. This is a perfect system for your video dermatoscopy in the medical practice or clinic.

The handyscope® comes with a removable snap-on glass contact plate. This allows you to perform a contact dermatoscopy with or without immersion fluid. Of course, a non-contact dermoscopy is also possible. The entire spectrum of imaging modalities is thus covered.

To minimize the risk of infection, the DermLite handyscope® Compatible with the IceCap disposable covers, which are simply placed over the contact plate.

The DermLite handyscope® has a four-level battery indicator and its built-in lithium-ion battery can be charged from any USB port using the supplied USB cable. The loading capacity is sufficient for many dermatoscopic images, so that you can work continuously for several days in your daily practice.  

The DermLite handyscope set includes:

  • A 10x magnifying polarized & non-polarized dermatoscope
  • Two removable snap-on glass contact plates
  • A MagnetiConnect kit universal adapter
  • A soft tote bag with a strap
  • A set of IceCap samples
  • USB to USB-C charging cable.

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