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DermLite Lumio 2

DermLite Lumio 2

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The Lumio 2, a new generation of dermatoscopic examination magnifiers

The Lumio 2 is a new generation of examination magnifiers for dermatoscopy. It offers a variety of dermatoscopic examinations through a combination of the brightest polarized white light, three wavelengths in the UV spectrum, a Wood light mode and the use of special optical filters. In addition, the Lumio 2 is packaged in a beautifully slim housing and can be recharged using a powerful battery.

Its large aspherical lens with a diameter of 100 mm with a magnification of 2.3 times enables unsurpassed visualization of dermatological structures with excellent optical clarity. You can choose between polarized white light or one of three different wavelengths: 365nm, 385nm in the UV spectrum or 405nm blue light. Or choose the Wood light mode, a special mixture that is tailored to the unique lighting of a Wood light luminaire. All five modes are available in three brightness levels.

The Lumio 2 comes with two magnetic OptiClip ™ magnifying loupes. While one can be placed in the field of view to aid visualization, the other OptiClip can be attached magnetically in the handle, always available. The "OptiClip 405nm Long-Pass" is ideal for improving the contrast when using the Lumio 2 with fluorescent lighting. The OptiClip 2.5x increases the magnification by a factor of 2.5. This gives a resulting magnification by a factor of 5.8.

A powerful lithium-ion battery is integrated in the Lumio 2, with which you can work for hours. As soon as the four-stage charge indicator signals a low battery, charging via any available USB output using the supplied USB-C to USB cable is quick and easy.

The Lumio 2 is also supplied with a protective neoprene bag.

Features at a glance:

  • Optics with a diameter of 100mm and 2.3x magnification
  • Ultra bright white LEDs
  • Five lighting modes: white, 365nm, 385nm, 405mn, Wood light
  • Three levels of brightness
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Ultra-slim aluminum design with non-slip handle
  • 4-stage battery charge status indicator
  • OptiClip filters for improved fluorescence imaging
  • OptiClip-2.5x for magnification stroke by a factor of 2.5
  • Neoprene bag
  • USB-C to USB cable for charging

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